Nat’s results – Nov. 13, 2017


ES Nov. 13, 2017. 10-minute bars

No real trades here for daily subscribers. Some traders (mainly Europe, Australia, Middle East) likely caught the moves down through the keyline in the overnight session, and had a chance at about a $400 move, if they used a trailing stop or just recognized the reversal.

Traders in the day session may have captured the entry on the second pass through the key line. but the potential profit was gone if they held on for the close.

Traders with access to Nat’s instant updates had a better shot. Her pre-market post said:

Nat<> 9:04:50 AM
2570.50-69.50 scalping long entry
Nat<> 9:05:32 AM
major tgt = 2572.75, and 2574.50, 2576.50 and 2579 (max if b/o 2573.50)

… which returned about $400 gain.


Oil futures, Nov. 13, 2017. 10-minute bars.

Overnight subscribers should have caught the move down and back up through the keyline that returned about $400 gain.

Full access subscribers had the benefit of Nat’s pre-market update, but would likely have missed the entry for the first decline:

Nat<> 9:07:03 AM
oil stop at 57.65 for short side on 57.30 (agg) and 57.55 entry). 


Gold futures, Nov. 13, 2017. 10-minute bars.

Gold futures whipsawed back and forth across the Keyline for the entire session. Overnight subscribers who took trades around the keyline were likely stopped out in either direction.

Subscribers to the intra-day updates had better luck. Nat called for a short:

Nat<> 9:08:30 AM
GOLD stop at 1288 for agg. short at 1285.50-86 and tgt overnight low area.

The overnight low was around 1265 which made an excellent place to cover shorts (and/or initiate a long trade) but the entry at 1285 was never touched.

Note how the volume in gold trading is much more evenly distributed throughout the trading session, c.w. the ES.


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