Membership options for retail traders

Free is nice. But when it's time to make real money, you need one of Nat's paid memberships

Here's the deal


Weekend updates. Stay on top of the market without watching every day.

  • Updated every weekend
  • Weekly swing trades for gold, oil, and S&P futures
  • Full Weekly Market Preview
  • Daily workbook for Monday's trades

$19 / month

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End-of-day updates. When you don't want to monitor the markets during the day

  • Everything Weekly members get plus...
  • Daily workbooks with inflection points for gold, oil and S&P trades Updated every evening to help you place profitable overnight trades
  • Access to Nat's live, real-time (not delayed) charts for oil, gold and the S&P 500 e-mini futures
  • Use 'resting orders' to catch overnight and day session moves

$57 / month

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Full Access

Real-time access: Adjust trades in real time. The best way to trade Nat’s calls.

  • Everything Daily members get, plus Full Access to everything on Nat's website
  • Full intra-day access to Nat's live text trade room where she  monitors and adjusts her calls in real time. Boosts your profits dramatically
  • Take advantage of sudden intra-day spikes and dips - the most frequent and often most profitable trades
  • Use alerts and warnings - so you don't have to watch every tick
  • Live text commentary and discussion fom Nat and other knowledgeable traders

$97 / month forever

Every Naturus membership includes...

  • Private members-only content with specific buy/sell levels so you know where to get in ... and when to get out
  • No cancellation fees, ever. Start and stop anytime, come back when you're ready, with no admin fees and no long-term contracts.
  • No price increase, ever. You're guaranteed the same price for as long as you maintain your membership, even after prices go up for newcomers.
  • Advanced privileged access to special deals and money-saving offers. They fill up fast... but you'll be first in line.  
  • Access to the special trading methods that help members make consistent, reliable profits in any kind of market.

Choose the subscription plan that's right for you, and let's get started

Which subscription? It depends on how much time you have for trading.

  • Weekly membership: If you only spend an hour or two a week looking at the market, choose the Weekly Really Cheap Membership. It will tell you just enough without burying you in detail and set you up for a couple of profitable trades every month. Costs $19 a month, Cheap like borscht for this value! Sign up for Weekly membership here
  • Daily Updates. If you check the market every day but you don't want to watch every tick, choose the Daily Membership. It will give you updates every night you can use to make winning trades overnight or the next day. Now includes access to Nat's remarkable new 'inflection point' trades and her live, real-time trading charts. Costs $57 a month and worth every penny. Sign up for daily membership here!
  • Full Access. If you have time to monitor the market during the day session or adjust trades in real time, this is the membership for you. Generates safer trades and more profit. Check the archive of past results here and here to see what a difference it makes. Accepting new members now for the first time in more than a year ... but first come, first served, so don't miss it. Sign up for Full Access here

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