Best trade – week ending Jan. 25, 2019

The trade

Oil: $600 Jan. 22

Oil futures, Jan. 22, 2019

This was a difficult week for traders using Nat’s daily inflection points (but not for her full access members).

There were three or four excellent entries that missed her inflection levels by a few dollars, but then went on to be very profitable, leaving traders watching from the sidelines in frustration

Full access members had the benefit of calls made before and during the trading session that made it easier to capture some of these trades.

But for traders using resting orders placed overnight, the entry was missed by inches, which means that their orders didn’t get filled. Very frustrating.

One trade that did work was the oil futures on Tuesday. The buy entry at $52.35 was hit during a long decline that started overnight and continued into the day session.

After Nat’s long entry was hit, the price continued to fall, putting her traders offside for about an hour. The maximum drawdown was relatively small however; about $150,

The price then rallied into the close for a maximum potential profit of about $600 — a nice trade, but not as nice as some of the others that got away. Here’s an example: Oil futures on Friday, Jan. 25.

Oil futured, Jan. 25, 2019

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