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Best trade – week ending Feb. 15, 2019

The trade Oil: $1010 Monday Feb. 11 Oil continues to offer a majority of the best trades so far in 2019. The reason is not difficult to understand; the intraday volatility of oil futures has increased sharply in the past couple of months, and greater intraday price swings mean more trading opportunities and larger moves. This trade is fairly typical of what has been happening in the oil markets. The price dropped in overnight trading, reached an extreme shortly after the open — which is … Continue reading

Market preview – week of Feb. 18, 2019

Summary The S&P500 index is expected to have a bump and dump move this week to resolve short-term overbought condition. Oil is expected to have a breakout move first before rollover into April contract on Friday. GOLD is expected to continue rallying as long as price stays above $1316.50 line. Full weekly preview (free) Or click the pop-out arrow in the top left corner of the image to read it on this page. Best daily trade last week? Coming soon Previous Gold long last Monday … Continue reading